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Bar Mitzvah Video Service Phoenix A Bar/ Bat Mitzvah is a once in a life time event that Rapid Productions of Phoenix Arizona takes pride in sharing the thrill and emotion with your family and friends. We strive to exceed all of your expectations. It’s important to all of us that your special day shines bright for you, your family and your guests. Our event specialists will help customize your Mitzvah event to accommodate all of your personal needs.
A wonderful way to impact the flow and focus of the bar mitzvah is to create video montages. A montage or video loop is a collection of your favorite photos and movies from babyhood through the present. With photos from camp, birthdays, sporting events, school plays, family gatherings, and the like, you can produce several loops and play them at different points during the bar mitzvah.
From the religious ceremony through the celebratory party, Rapid Production is there to record it as if each moment where painted in incandescent light. Our passion for artistry, creativity that mirrors emotions, the ability to capture the most hidden tear of joy or smile – this is what comprises a video that truly portrays your event. We wield the paintbrushes – you supply the inspiration.
From your temple to the reception and celebration location, we are there to record every moment of this momentous day in its full beauty, significance and joy. Full digital editing & effects with our state of the art editing system brings all the magic & excitement to life!  Our creative editing features dynamic effects and transitions that will beautifully showcase all the tender moments as well as the thrills.  Special memories captured to last a lifetime!
The Party is covered from beginning to end in fast paced style shooting, using several angles, styles and techniques. Our DVD's are exciting and energetic to watch. We get shots of the food and decorations, the room, the centerpieces, and everything that you spent time and money planning. We then get plenty of candid shots of your family and guests enjoying themselves. Bar Mitzvah Video Service Phoenix
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